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SciPost is a complete scientific publication portal managed by and for scientists. It is purely online-based, and offers freely, openly, globally and perpetually accessible science (open access). Preprint handling and circulation occurs through the well-established arXiv; the rest of the publication process, from peer refereeing through publication all the way to post-publication commenting, is offered by SciPost.

SciPost does not charge individual author fees, the Max Planck Society is a supporting partner of the project.

Provider: SciPost Foundation
Language: English
Subject Category: Physics
Keyword: Atomic and molecular physics, Astroparticle physics, Biophysics, Condensed matter physics, Cosmology, Fluid dynamics, Gravitation, High energy physics, Mathematical physics, Nuclear physics, Optical physics, Quantum statistical mechanics, Statistical and soft matter physics
Resource Type: Journal Collection
Access: Free
Scope: Max Planck Society
Support for operational costs is initially provided by the NWO in the Netherlands. Long-term operations will be financed by donations from national funding agencies, universities, societies, foundations and individuals
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