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Ethnographic Video Online, Volume I (Alexander Street Press)

A comprehensive online resource for the visual study of human culture and behavior and the largest, most affordable streaming video collection of its kind, Ethnographic Video Online contains more than 500 hours of classic and contemporary documentaries produced by leading video producers in the discipline; previously unpublished footage from working anthropologists and ethnographers in the field; and select feature films. Wherever possible, videos include accompanying field notes, liner notes, filmmaker biographies, related articles, study guides, and other context-enhancing, full-text materials. Publishing partners include Documentary Educational Resources (DER) and other leading video content providers in the discipline.

Global in scope, Ethnographic Video Online contains footage from every continent and hundreds of unique cultures, and is particularly rich in its coverage of the developing world.

Content Included:
Provider: Alexander Street Press, ASP
Provider (Alternative): AlexanderStreetPress (alternative name)
Language: English
Subject: Linguistics, Religion, Environmental Studies, Psychology, History, Economics, Political Science, Anthropology
Keyword: Physical anthropology, Medical anthropology, Urban anthropology, Archaeology, Visual anthropology, Applied anthropology, Linguistic anthropology, Cultural anthropology, Geography, Area studies, Video collection
Resource Type: Miscellaneous
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Scope: Max Planck Society
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