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Eighteenth Century Journals : A Portal to Newspapers and Periodicals, 1685 - 1815


The portal brings together rare journals printed in Great Britain between c1685 and 1815, illuminating all aspects of eighteenth-century social, political and literary life. Many are ephemeral, lasting only for a handful of issues, others run for several years. Topics covered are extremely wide-ranging and include: the writings of Sir Isaac Newton; the French Revolution; reviews of literature and fashion throughout Europe; political debates; and coffee house gossip and discussion.

* Eighteenth Century Journals I (ECJ I) contains material from the Hope Collection at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, one of the finest surviving collections of eighteenth-century periodicals.

* Eighteenth Century Journals II (ECJ II) comprises more than 70 popular 18th century journals held by the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center. The journals have been selected from the bibliography of Powell Stewart (British newspapers and periodicals, 1632-1800).

The titles chosen for this project have been screened carefully against EEBO, Early English Newspapers and ECCO so that there is minimal overlap with these projects.

Title (Alternative): ECJ I, ECJ II
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