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CrossAsia is an interdisciplinary portal and central access point for online information on East and Southeast Asian studies. The portal provides an integrated search of distributed databases (free and subject to licence), access to selected digital collections and an online guide of electronic resources related to East and Southeast Asian studies (OGEA).

Access for Max Planck researchers is subject to a local agreement free of charge.

Title (Alternative): Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Ost- und Südostasien
ViFa Ost- und Südostasien
Virtual Library East- and Southeast Asia
Collections Included:
China Academic Journals
Chinamaxx EBook Library
Wanfang New Local Gazetteers
Wanfang China online journals
Western Books on China
中国年鉴资源全文数据库 = Apabi yearbooks
Dissertations of China
Apabi 工具书 = China reference books collection
Apabi 法典 = Apabi eBooks collection
China Reference Works Online (CNKI)
Policies and laws of China
中國基本古籍庫 = Database of Chinese classic ancient books
天一阁藏书 = Imperial examination records from the Tianyige Museum
Apabi 中医古籍库 = Ancient Books of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Apabi 民国期刊 = Chinese Republican Journals
晚清期刊、民国时期期刊全文数据库 = 1833-1949 Chinese Periodical Full-text Databases
大成老旧刊全文数据库 = Dacheng Old Periodicals database
OLC Ost- und Südostasien = Bibliography of Articles on East and South-East Asia
OLC Asien und Nordafrika = Bibliography of Articles on Asia and North Africa
CiNii Articles
Online Guide East Asia, OGEA
Chinese Text Project
Provider: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, SBB-PK
Language: 中文(繁體), 日本語, Korean, English
Subject Category: Social Sci. + Humanities
Subject: Multidisciplinary
Keyword: Asian studies
Resource Type: Miscellaneous
Access: Subscription
Access Note:
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Scope: Max Planck Society
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