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Journal of Visualized Experiments Archive, - 2014

JoVE, the Journal of Visualized Experiments, is the world's first peer reviewed scientific video journal. Established in 2006, JoVE is devoted to publishing scientific research in a visual format to help researchers overcome two of the biggest challenges facing the scientific research community today; poor reproducibility and the time and labor intensive nature of learning new experimental techniques.

Though access to current volumes is no longer licensed, perpetual access rights have been granted to the content published until August 2014 in following sections: JoVE Bioengineering, JoVE Biology, JoVE Neuroscience, JoVE Clinical and Translational Medicine. In addition, articles from JoVe are usually available free of charge after a 24-month delay.

Title (Alternative): formerly: Journal of Visualized Experiments, JoVE
Content Included:
Language: English
Subject Category: Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, Physics
Subject: Environmental Studies
Keyword: Neuroscience, Immunology, Clinical medicine, Bioengineering, Applied physics, Behavioral sciences, Science education, Video collection
Resource Type: Journal Collection
Access: Subscription
Scope: Max Planck Society
Usage Conditions: Journal of Visualized Experiments