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Online Contents - Special Subject Collection Political Science and Peace Research (GBV)

The Online Contents service of the Special Subject Collection Political Science and Peace Research is part of the Swets Online Contents Database. It offers access to tables of contents of more than 886 journals relevant for study and research. New journals are added constantly by the Special Subject Collection and Swets.

This special subject collection contains:
* general methodology, basic works concerning the entire area of political science as well as the history and sociology of the subject
* political theory, political philosophy
* political systems, study of political institutions and organizations
* international relations (theory and general literature containing different regions)
* general studies of state and constitution, comparative government studies, philosophy of state
* publications about parties (if not restricted to a specific region and thus contained in a regional special subject collection)
* political education
* peace studies

Title (Alternative): OLC-SSG Politikwissenschaft und Friedensforschung - Online Contents-Sondersammelgebiete / Politikwissenschaft und Friedensforschung (GBV)
Provider: Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund, GBV
Provider (Alternative): Common Library Network (alternative name)
Language: Deutsch, English
Subject Category: Social Sci. + Humanities
Subject: Education, Philosophy, Sociology, History, Political Science
Keyword: International relations, Peace Studies
Resource Type: Reference Database
Access: Subscription
Access Note:
Publicly-funded institutions can obtain access free of charge, see
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