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Lexis Advance

Lexis Advance enables access to a collection of full texts about law and economy matters. The collection contains sources from international and regional law, business and industry, country and company reports, news, publications, etc.

To analyze and validate citations, the Shepard's® Citations Service is available.

Title (Alternative): Lexis Nexis, LexisNexis, Lexis-Nexis
Collections Included:
Creditreform German Companies
Hoppenstedt Company Profiles
Bürgel Company Profiles
Dun & Bradstreet's Market Identifier
Standard & Poor's
Marquis Who's Who Biographies
Provider: LexisNexis
Provider (Alternative): Lexis-Nexis
Lexis Nexis
Language: English
Subject Category: Social Sci. + Humanities
Subject: Economics, Business, Law
Resource Type: Fulltext Database
Time Span: 1789 - present
Access: Subscription
MPI Collective Goods
MPI Criminal Law
MPI Demographic Research
MPI European Legal History
MPI Human Development
MPI Innovation, MPI Tax Law
MPI Private Law
MPI Public International Law
MPI Religious & Ethnic Diversity
MPI Social Anthropology
MPI Social Law & Social Policy
MPI Study Societies
Max Planck Digital Library
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