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Torrossa - Casalini full text platform


Casalini libri's full text platform offers access to over 29,000 ebooks and 840 ejournals from more than 200 Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese publishers. Max Planck users have access to:
* EIO Monographs - a collection of 1,500 monographs and proceedings in humanities and social sciences from academic publishers in Italy.
* EIO Periodicals Archive - pre-2011 content of 221 academic journals published by various Italian publishers.

Title (Alternative): formerly: Editoria Italiana Online e-Books, Editoria Italiana Online eBooks, Editoria Italiana Online electronic Books, Editoria Italiana Online Monografie, EIO
formerly: Editoria Italiana Online e-Journals Archive, Editoria Italiana Online eJournals, Editoria Italiana Online electronic Journals Archive, Editoria Italiana Online Periodici, EIO
Content Included:
Provider: Casalini Libri
Language: Italiano
Subject: Sociology, Literature, Linguistics, Information Science, History, Education, Economics, Arts, Archaeology
Keyword: Italian studies, Library and information science, Comparative literature, Music, Architecture, Art, Pedagogy, Economy, Social sciences, Philosophy
Resource Type: Book Collection, Journal Collection
Access: Subscription
Scope: Max Planck Society
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Editoria Italiana Online / Torrossa / Monografie
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