About MPG.ReNa

MPG Resource Navigator is a web application to navigate through scientific information resources available to staff and guests of the Max Planck Society.

It includes licensed databases, digital collections, and reference works. In addition, recommendable retrieval tools available on the web free of charge are part of the collection. Moreover, almost all Max Planck Institute library catalogs, as well as selected external ones, are accessible from here.

For updates on information resources and related topics see our project news

For further information please take a look at our documentation (in German).


Get an overview of electronic resources to find out how to choose the ones that best suit your needs.

MPG.ReNa contains different types of resources. See here for detailed information about resource types (in German).

Campus Access

Generally, access to licensed electronic resources should be enabled if you are within the IP range of a Max Planck Institute, i.e. no username & password is required. Please click here to check IP & Campus Info.

Resource Feeds

To subscribe to feeds in order to be informed about new resources, see here.

Web Developers

Web developers may wish to glance at the description of available APIs in our technical documentation (in German).

View solutions based on MPG.ReNa as a data source.


Data presented in MPG.ReNa is reusable - more info...

Terms of Use

The use of electronic resources is subject to terms and conditions set forth in subscription agreements. For an introduction, please consider the general Access Conditions and Terms of Use prepared by the MPDL.

Links to provider/product-specific usage conditions may be found in MPG.ReNa records.


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