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The database Russian Library and Information Sciences comprises professional journals from the fields of library science and bibliography as well as archives and museums. Adressing librarians, bibliographers and information specialists, the publications deal with various topics, e.g. the operation of libraries and archives, bibliographic standards and digitization in librarianship. Besides current titles from Russia and Ukraine, the collection also contains the archives of discontinued journals from the information and library sector.
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The database Russian Military and Security Periodicals comprises numerous journals and newspapers covering military and security developments in Russia, published since 1992. Issued by the Russian Military as well as independent sources, the publications cover all branches of the armed forces, including the Russian Air Force, Army and Navy. While the majority of titles is published in Russian, the collection also includes several English-language journals.
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The monthly magazine "Soviet Woman" was published between 1945-1991 and dealt with the lifestyle and role of Soviet women. Primarily adressing a Western audience, it simultanously published in Russian, English, German and French. It covered various topics such as economics, politics, life abroad, life in Soviet republics, women’s fashion, culture and the arts. Furthermore, the magazine included translations of Soviet literary works. The archive comprises more than 500 of the English-language issues.
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The bimonthly newspaper Za vozvrashchenie na Rodinu ("Return to the Motherland") was published between 1955-1960 in East Berlin, primarily aimed at Russian emigrants in the West. Against the background of the Cold War, it was established under the watchful eye of the KGB and published by the Soviet Repatriation Committee, serving as an important anti-Western propaganda outlet for the USSR. The main objective was to create a favorable image of the Soviet Union and to criticize émigré organizations in the post-war period. During its publication, the newspaper was not available to the public on a subscription basis, therefore it has become a rare information resource.
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The Chernobyl Newspapers Collection comprises three previously unavailable local newspapers published in the Chernobyl area in the years before and after the nuclear disaster. The collection gives researchers unique access to important lesser-known primary sources from the era. The two newspapers "Prapor peremohy" (1981-1988) and "Trybuna pratsi" (1981-1990), published in Ukrainian within or in the immediate vicinity of the exclusion zone, provide the opportunity to explore the larger socio-cultural and historical context of the regions affected by the Chernobyl disaster. "Tribuna Energetika" (1979-1990), published in Russian under the aegis of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, provides insight into the everyday life of the power plant and the city of Pripyat.
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Kino Zhurnal A.R.K. ("The Magazine of the Association of Revolutionary Cinematography") is a Soviet film magazine, published in Moscow between 1925-1926. The archive contains all twelve issues of the monthly magazine consisting of 444 articles which deal with Soviet and international cinema.
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The database comprises numerous important periodicals published since 1997 in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. It includes journals as well as neswpapers which are mostly in Russian and cover various issues of domestic and international importance.
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Pravda Ukrainy ("Ukraine Truth") was a Russian-language Soviet Ukrainian daily and a newspaper of record established 1938 in Ukraine, serving as the official organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine and Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR. As such the newspaper was the Ukrainian Communist Party’s leading print media agent in the dissemination of the party’s opinions about politics, culture, economics and other important issues. But in the 1990s, the newspaper jettisoned its previous ideological commitments and continued publishing as a politically independent newspaper until its discontinuation in 2014.
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The database CEPR Discussion Paper Series And Policy Papers provides access to current economic publications from the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). The collection includes current research results in the field of economics.
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Creative Teaching and Learning is a magazine that gives teachers and educators the ‘know how’ to develop good thinking and creative skills, practice dialogic teaching and collaborative learning, use imaginative approaches to literacy, embed assessment for learning in all their teaching, as well as a host of other cutting-edge practices.
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LexiQamus is a reference work and online tool for identifying and analyzing illegible words from Ottoman-Turkish texts. It can even be used to search for the recognisable parts of a word. Based on over 170,000 words and phrases from 19 different dictionaries, LexiQamus comprises the entries of the reference work "A Turkish and English lexicon" (1890) by James Redhouse and all content from the website osmanlicasozlukler.com which collects entries from Ottoman dictionaries.
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The Encyclopedia of Law and Religion Online deals with questions of freedom of religion and belief as well as the relation between state and religion in its various aspects, covering all independent nations and jurisdictions along with the major international organizations. Each article provides information on socio-religious facts, historical background, religious communities, religious freedom and the legal situation, such as labor, family and criminal law in the respective country.
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Incorporating the work of numerous leading scholars, the Encyclopedia of Public International Law in Asia Online provides a detailed description of the practice and implementation of international law in various Asian states. The reference work covers the introduction of Western international law and the resulting shift from the older Asian order; the development of modern international law; and the impact that all of this has had on Asian states. This examination of international law and its application in Asia reveals the shared history of the continent, as well as its unique development in each Asian state.
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The Education Magazine Archive provides access to the archives of leading magazines and trade publications in the field of education, dating from the early 20th century through to the 21st. It covers multiple aspects of the history of education of this period, with magazines devoted to a range of educational levels, topics, and audiences. The collection comprises 26 publications and approximately 850,000 full color page images, each article individually indexed with fully searchable text. The titles were originally aimed at teachers, policy makers/administrators and other education professionals, but have now become valuable primary sources for scholars. The material enables researchers to explore multiple perspectives on the key events of the age and opens up new opportunities for research in the history of education, as well as on related subjects such as social history, childhood studies, psychology, and politics.
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Illiustrirovannaia Rossiia was a literary and illustrated weekly magazine published in Paris from 1924 to 1939. The journal was aimed particularly at the growing community of Russian immigrants who had left Russia in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution. Thus, Illiustrirovannaia Rossiia offers a unique fund of linguistic and visual representations, providing an indispensable insight into Russian cultural life in exile.
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The "Slaviane" was a monthly published magazine by the All-Slavic Committee, a Soviet anti-fascist organization (Slaviane or Slavs). Slaviane Digital Archives contains full text as well as facsimile format. The anti-fascist Soviet propaganda magazine was founded in 1942 and emerged during World War II as a platform for intellectuals and politicians from Slavic countries. After the end of the war, the journal shifted its focus from fighting Nazism to reporting on life and culture in the Soviet Union.
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The Warsaw Pact Journal Digital Archive includes all 40 issues of the journal "Informatsionnyi sbornik ShOVS Varshavskogo Dogovora" published between 1970 and 1990. This was a secret Soviet-run military-theoretical journal with a thematic focus on coalition strategy and operations. During its existence, the Warsaw Pact Journal played an important role in communicating military doctrine and strategy among Warsaw Pact members. During this period, the Warsaw Pact Journal was the only journal in which officers from all Pact countries actively contributed their analyses and contributions.
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The collection Jewish Life in America, c1654-1954 covers different materials related to the history of Jewish communities in America from their first arrival in New York in 1654 to the integral part that they play today. The material is based on original manuscript collections from the unique holdings of the American Jewish Historical Society in New York. The collection includes six major organisational collections and twenty-four collections of personal papers. The personal collection contain letters, scrapbooks, autobiographies, notebooks and other materials relating to the late 17th through to the mid-20th century.
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Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies (BECS) offers a systematic and comparative look at key education levels and the study of cognitive and psychosocial development through early childhood and youth. The Collection includes eBooks, policy reports, country overviews and helpful research tools, allowing researchers to study and build an understanding of education systems, policies, and the nature of childhood and youth experience in different countries throughout the world.
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The collection of Foreign Office (FO) files explores the history of Persia (Iran), Central Asia and Afghanistan from the decline of the Silk Road in the first half of the nineteenth century to the establishment of Soviet rule over parts of the region in the early 1920s. It encompasses the era of “The Great Game” - a political and diplomatic confrontation between the Russian and British Empires for influence, territory and trade across a vast region, from the Black Sea in the west to the Pamir Mountains in the east. The collection comprises correspondence, intelligence reports, agents’ diaries, minutes, maps, newspaper excerpts and other materials from the FO 65, FO 106, FO 371 and FO 539 series. This collection is available on the platform Archives Direct which features content from Sources from The National Archives, UK