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FRANCIS indexes multilingual information and provides in-depth coverage of humanities and social sciences.
Reference Database
The database OLC-SSG Ibero-America, Spain and Portugal is a regional related section from the Swets Online Contents Database that is constantly being completed with the addition of selected journals from the competent SSG Libraries, the Library of the Ibero-American Institute Prussian Cultural Heritage (Ibero-America and the Caribbean) and the state and university library SUB Hamburg (Spain and Portugal). Currently more than 1.132 journals are being indexed. Gradually earlier editions of these journals will also be made accessible. This regional sector contains * by topic: Humanities and Social Sciences, History, Fiction and Poetry, Economy, Law and Government documents, as well as Earth Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Environmental Sciences * by region: Ibero-America, Iberian Peninsula, the Caribbean, Spanish-speaking cultural area of the USA
Book Collection
Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro contains approximately 850 works from the sixteenth and seventeenth century, by 16 major authors including Lope de Vega, Miguel de Cervantes, Calderón de la Barca and Tirso de Molina. The Golden Age (1500-1700) was the crowning glory of Spain’s intellectual and artistic achievements, from the paintings of Velázquez and Murillo to the literature of Cervantes and Calderón. Dramatic writing reached unequalled heights and Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro traces its development through this uniquely creative period and provides unprecedented access to a large and representative collection of texts.