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Berghahn electronic Journals


Berghahn Journals Online provides a high-performing responsive-design platform for Berghahn Journals, which is the journals division of Berghahn Books, an independent scholarly publisher in the humanities and social sciences.

Title (Alternative): Berghahn eJournals
Collections Included:
Provider: Berghahn Books
Language: English
Subject Category: Social Sci. + Humanities
Subject: Education, History
Keyword: Social sciences
Resource Type: Journal Collection
Access: Subscription
Scope: Max Planck Society
Provider Homepage
Usage Conditions: Learning and Teaching: The International Journal of Higher Education in the Social Sciences, LATISS
The Germany-wide access to volume 2017 of "Learning and Teaching" is enabled by the advancement of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under the programme "Specialised Information Services" and organized by the specialised information service "Educational Science and Educational Research"