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All That Stats is designed for retrieving statistical time series databases and country tables.

Contains: World Bank Statistics, IMF Statistics, UNIDO Industrial Statistics, UNECE Statistics, DSI Global Economic Statistics, OECD Statistics, OECD External Trade Statistics, WTO External Trade Statistics, European Central Bank Statistics, European Union Statistics - Tables on EU policy, European Union Statistics - Production statistics, EUROPROMS,EUROSTAT,Intra-Extra-EU Trade Statistics - Time Series, Intra-Extra-EU Trade Statistics - Intra-Extra-EU Trade Carbon Footprint Database, European Commission, DG ECFIN, U.S. Statistics, German Central Bank, Statistics German Statistical Office Statistics GENESIS, DSI Global Environmental Database.

Provider: DSI Data Service & Information
Provider (Alternative): Data Service & Information
Language: English
Subject Category: Social Sci. + Humanities
Subject: Economics, Business, Political Science
Keyword: Statistics
Resource Type: Fulltext Database
Access: Subscription
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