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Taylor & Francis Online is the journal content platform for the Taylor & Francis Group and gives online access to more than 2,500 journals from all scientific disciplines. Since acquiring Routledge in 1997, the Taylor & Francis Group has purchased many small and medium sized publishing companies, including: Brunner-Routledge, Brunner-Mazel, CRC Press, Frank Cass, Marcel Dekker, Martin Dunitz, Landes Bioscience (acquired in 2014), Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (acquired in 2006), Parthenon Publishing, Spon Press, Taylor Graham Journals, and Haworth Press.

Max Planck researchers have full text access to the current volumes of 280 core journals (including a 20-year rolling backfile) and to selected archive content. In addition, the Max Planck Society covers article-processing charges for Max Planck authors centrally. Further details are available on the MPDL website.

Max Planck Society

Product Taylor & Francis Journals
Contract End 2022-12-31
Contract Status active
DDP 25% des Print+Online Preises auf ausgewählte Titel, siehe Liste für 2020 http://mpdl.mpg.de/images/documents/lib_res_center/DDP_TaF_2020.xlsx
Remote Access yes
Perpetual Access Rights no
Usage conditions http://mpdl.mpg.de/images/documents/lib_res_center/terms_of_use/Nutzungsbedingun...
Open Access Terms Type: publishing
Eligible Authors/Institutions: corresponding authors
Eligible Articles: acceptance date between Jan 1, 2017 and Dec 31, 2019; article types with the nature of an original paper or review paper
Central Payment by MPDL: yes
Product Taylor & Francis Business, Management & Economics Archive - 2000
Contract Status purchased
Usage conditions https://www.nationallizenzen.de/angebote/nlproduct.2015-05-13.4507888729?product...
Product Informa Healthcare Digital Archive, 1896-2009
Contract Status DFG license
Usage conditions https://www.nationallizenzen.de/angebote/nlproduct.2010-01-06.0027345859?product...
Product Taylor & Francis Online Archives 1799-2000
Contract Status DFG license
Usage conditions https://www.nationallizenzen.de/angebote/nlproduct.2007-02-27.2354605726?product...
Product Landes Bioscience Journals
Contract End 2015-12-31
Contract Status terminated
Remote Access yes
Perpetual Access Rights 2010-2015
Usage conditions https://mpdl.mpg.de/images/documents/lib_res_center/terms_of_use/Nutzungsbedingu...
Product Taylor & Francis Journals
Contract End 2005-12-31
Contract Status terminated
Perpetual Access Rights 2005-2009
Usage conditions http://mpdl.mpg.de/images/documents/lib_res_center/terms_of_use/Nutzungsbedingun...