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SAGE Journals Online provides access to more than 1000 journals with a coverage spanning the humanities, social sciences, and science, technology, and medicine.

The current subscription comprises Sage Premier, thus Max Planck researchers have full text access to a multidisciplinary selection of the full journal collection. In addition, the agreement covers article-processing charges for Max Planck authors in selected journals. Further details are available on the MPDL website.

Max Planck Society

Product Industry and higher education
Contract Status active
Usage conditions
Product SAGE Premier 2015/2016
Contract End 2019-12-31
Contract Status active
DDP 25% des Combined Subscprition Preises; gilt nur bei Direktbestellungen ( und NICHT ├╝ber Agenturen!
Remote Access yes
Perpetual Access Rights yes
Usage conditions
Open Access Terms Eligible Articles: 2019 (only in titles belonging to licensed collection)
Central Payment by MPDL: SAGE Choice Hybrid: yes ; SAGE Gold OA: no,oatype:archiving
Eligible Authors/Institutions: author or institution
Archivable Version: final published PDF (deposit allowed in institutional or discipline-specific repository of choice).
Embargo Period: 12 months
Additional Information: Authors may post the accepted version (version 2) of the article on their personal webseite, their department's webseite or the repository of their institution without any restrictions once the article has been accepted for publication. They may not post this version in any other repository until 12 months after first publication of the article in the journal.
Type: publishing
Product Sage Journals Online Deep Backfile 1879-
Contract Status DFG license
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