International Tables for Crystallography (IUCr)

The series comprises articles and tables of data relevant to crystallographic research and to applications of crystallographic methods in all sciences concerned with the structure and properties of materials. Emphasis is given to symmetry, diffraction methods and techniques of crystal structure determination, and the physical and chemical properties of crystals. Each volume also contains discussions of theory, practical explanations and examples, all of which are useful for teaching.

The following volumes are available:

* Volume A - Space-group symmetry
* Volume A1 - Symmetry relations between space groups
* Volume B - Reciprocal space
* Volume C - Mathematical, physical and chemical tables
* Volume D - Physical properties of crystals
* Volume E - Subperiodic groups
* Volume F - Crystallography of biological macromolecules
* Volume G - Definition and exchange of crystallographic data

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Product International Tables for Crystallography
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