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ELFI is an information brokerage system which supports its users in keeping up-to-date information on funding opportunities referring to the original data source. ELFI offers information on more than 11,000 programs on research funding, from about 4,900 national and international sponsors. The information is provided to scientists, research consultants, students and companies on the web.

Title (Alternative): formerly: Servicestelle für ELektronische ForschungsförderInformationen, ELFI
Provider: ELFI Gesellschaft für Forschungsdienstleistungen mbH
Language: Deutsch
Subject Category: Multidisciplinary
Subject: Multidisciplinary
Resource Type: Factual Database
Access: Subscription
Access Note:
In May 2018 all existing user accounts have been deleted with the release of a new version of the ELFI software. Users from within the Max Planck IP ranges can re-register, see "details" <>
Scope: Max Planck Society
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