Duncker and Humblot eLibrary

Duncker & Humblot is a German producer of high-quality academic research and scholarly publications, especially in the fields of law and social science. The Duncker & Humblot eLibrary provides users from the Max Planck Society with access to following products:

* e-book collections 2007-2010, containing about 900 e-books in the fields of law, economics, social sciences, history, politics, philosophy and literary studies.
* e-book collection Economics 1996–2005, containing about 360 e-books
* e-book collection 'Best of reprints' Economics and Finance 1875–1941, containing about 100 e-books

The collection is continuously extended by single e-book acquisitions by MPG libraries.

Max Planck Society

Product Duncker & Humblot E-Books Wirtschaftswissenschaften (1996–2005)
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Product Duncker & Humblot E-Books „Best of reprints“ Wirtschaft & Finanzen (1875–1941)
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Product Duncker & Humblot E-Books
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