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Cambridge Journals Online is the online content delivery service for Cambridge University Press’s collection of leading journals across the sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Max Planck researchers have access to the full collection of nearly 400 journals across STM and HSS. In addition, the Max Planck Society covers article-processing charges for Max Planck authors centrally. Further details are available on the MPDL website.

Max Planck Society

Product Cambridge Journals Online
Contract End 2021-12-31
Contract Status active
DDP 25% (Full Collection)
Remote Access yes
Perpetual Access Rights yes
Usage conditions
Open Access Terms Type: publishing
Eligible Authors/Institutions: author must be submitting and corresponding author of the article
Eligible Articles: Research Article, Review Article, Rapid Article; relevant date for eligibilty is date processed by CCC (2019 - 2021)
Central Payment by MPDL: yes (fully open or hybrid journals)
Additional Information: more information on OA publishing
Type: OA archiving (green OA): The publisher allows authors to deposit a copy of the Author's Accepted Manuscript anywhere, immediately on acceptance. For the published Version of Record, the publisher allows deposit on the author's personal web page or on their Departmental page, immediately on publication, and after 12 months in the Institutional Repository or a Subject-based Repository. Authorised institutions to which the respective authors belong have the same right. The institutional repositories can make the stored articles accessible for viewing and downloading for non-commercial, research purposes only and not for resale. The repositories should clearly indicate that the articles are protected by copyright and that permission for reuse must be granted by Cambridge University Press in the first instance. For the avoidance of doubt: normal academic use such as reading and downloading the article is allowed. However, as the article is protected by copyright, researchers do not have the rights to sell or redistribute the article themselves or create derivative works (e.g. re-publish the article in a new collection, sell a translated version, or similar).
Product Cambridge Journals Digital Archives
Contract Status purchased
Perpetual Access Rights yes
Usage conditions
Product Cambridge Journals Digital Archive 1864-1996
Contract Status DFG license
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