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Brill Online Reference Works

The platform provides access to Brill's reference works, including:
* Brill's New Pauly and Der Neue Pauly has become a recognized standard reference work for students and scholars of the ancient world. Now, the complete original Der Neue Pauly together with Brill’s New Pauly are offered online. New Pauly Online will allow the researcher to have the most complete database available. New Pauly Online is automatically updated whenever a new volume is published.
* The Encyclopedia of Islam (New Edition) sets out the present state of our knowledge of the Islamic World. It is a unique and invaluable reference tool, an essential key to understanding the world of Islam, and the authoritative source not only on the religion, but also on the believers and the countries in which they live.
* The Coptic Gnostic Library Online continues where the Dead Sea Scrolls left off. Our main sources of information for the Gnostic religion are the so-called Nag Hammadi codices, written in Coptic.

Further reference works may be available due to local subscription.

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Provider: Brill
Language: English
Subject Category: Social Sci. + Humanities
Subject: History, Religion
Keyword: Asian studies, Biblical studies, Classical studies, Ethnography, Geography, Islamic studies, Islam, Law, Religious studies
Resource Type: Book Collection, Reference Work
Access: Subscription
Scope: Max Planck Society
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Encyclopaedia of Islam
New Pauly online
The Germany-wide access to the Coptic Gnostic Library is enabled by the advancement of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under the programme "Specialised Information Services" and organized by the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München
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