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Select eResources

Institute Dropdown

This dropdown works as a filter, and causes only records relevant to users from the Max Planck Institute selected to be displayed.

In addition, the library of the Max Planck Institute may have created recommendations to be displayed as the top filter on the left hand side.

Institute should be auto-selected by means of IP filtering at the very beginning of a browser session. If this fails to happen, or if you wish to select a different view, please select institute manually.

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A-Z Navigation

eResources may be easily located by using the A-Z navigation right below the institute dropdown. For example, to find "Safari Tech Books" just click on the letter "S", and select "Safari Tech Books" as it appears within the list of resources displayed.

Search Box

If the short name of the resource happens to be different than expected, or to quickly jump to a specific eResource (or small selection of eResources), type part of the resource name into the search box. Available eResources should be displayed within the autocomplete dropdown immediately.

If you have problems retrieving results for your query, try wrapping your search term(s) in double quotes.

!! Please be aware that through this search form no scientific literature such as articles, papers, or books may be found, but just electronic resources like databases or digital collections which may be used as tools for the retrieval of literature !!

The following search types are available

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Library Recommendation

Library Recommendation has been set up as a special filter. If that section appears at the top of the "Filters" column on the left hand side, you may view sets of eResources pre-selected by your local Max Planck Institute library.

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To browse eResources, or to make a precise selection, use the filters on the left hand side.

Filters may be conveniently combined, for example, to view all reference databases which may be used to find scientific literature about agriculture, click on Subject - Agriculture and Resource Type - Reference Database.

To view licensed resources only, or only resources available without access restriction, use the "Access" filter.

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eResource List

eResource Items

eResource names are linked directly to their native web interfaces and may thus be accessed directly from the list.

In its collapsed state (which is the default), single items display part of a description (if available for that resource), and in addition the links "Show details" and "full_record".

"Show details" expands an item to show a selection of most relevant details, whereas "full_record" takes you to the full record page of the item.

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Number of eResources

The number displayed means the number of resources that match your A-Z selection, search query, or filters applied. For example, if only institute has been selected from the dropdown, it means that this many resources are available to your institute.

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The following sort options are available

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Results per page

Select the number of resources you prefer seeing on a single page of the results list. This value will be stable in the course of the current session.

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By clicking on "collapse" or "expand", eResource items currently displayed in the resource list, are collapsed or expanded, i.e. resource details are hidden or displayed, respectively. The previous selection will be retained as a setting during the entire session.

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PermaLink to this view

To bookmark or share the list of eResources you are viewing, right-click "PermaLink to this view".

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RSS Feed

All resource lists narrowed by filters or search queries may be transformed into RSS by clicking on the RSS icon.

This feature may be used as an alert mechanism. For example, if the Subject filter "Agriculture" has been applied to the view, and if eResources are displayed in RSS format, you may subscribe to this dynamic RSS feed, which will cause new items to pop up in your feed reader accordingly.

Please click here to view documentation of our eResource RSS.

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Other formats

Please see our VuFind documentation (in German).

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Full Record Page

Full item details are available in record table format (which is the default) and as MARC record html ("Staff View"). Record pages may be turned over in both formats independently.

Additionally, records may be exported in MARC and JSONP format.

On the right hand side, links to similar items are listed.

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